1. Our Mission

    The mission of the Alumni and Friends is to promote the welfare and interests of Princeton University and the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Programs that operate on campus, or may operate in the future and to support student members through charitable and educational programs and other activities.

  2. Support PUROTC

    Generous contributions from A&F PUROTC members allow the organization to provide financial support to ROTC and Princeton cadets.  Each year, the A&F PUROTC contributes monetary awards to the top students in each graduating class, awarded at the Spring Awards Banquet. A&F PURTOC also provides a commissioning stipend to graduating seniors, purchases athletic gear for the Ranger Challenge team, and sponsors Princeton’s annual...

  3. History

    Princeton University was founded in 1746, thirty years before the Declaration of Independence. Princeton graduates have served in all of the Nation’s conflicts. The National Defense Act of 1916 created the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, effectively combining into a single entity the various training programs that existed at the time.

  4. Photo Gallery

    In this gallery, you will see collections of photos reflecting the wide variety of activities and events of Princeton ROTC and the Alumni and Friends.  We actively solicit contributions from members and friends, especially photos that show the rich history of the ROTC programs, alumni and their service.

Alumni & Friends of Princeton University ROTC


The Alumni and Friends of Princeton ROTC ("A&F PUROTC") is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) service organization dedicated to supporting U.S. Military Officer Training Programs utilized by the students of Princeton University. These programs currently include the U.S. Army and Air Force ROTC programs and the Marine Corps Platoon Leader's Course (PLC) program.

The membership of A&F-PUROTC consists of alumni and former members of Princeton's Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC programs, the Marine (PLC) program, and other U.S. military officer commissioning programs (such as the Officer Candidate Schools of the military services. It also includes family members of current and former students, non-alumni members of the staff, and other members of the Princeton University community who support the organization's objectives. These objectives include:

    1. Maintaining active ROTC units on the Princeton University campus and continuing productive relationships with the Princeton University faculty and administration.
    2. Securing and maintaining appropriate military scholarship funding levels for Princeton students.
    3. Establishing an active network of alumni and friends to:
    4.      a. Mentor current ROTC cadets and PLC candidates
           b. Mentor/support alumni currently serving on active duty
           c. Assist Princeton alumni transitioning from military service to civilian careers.
    5. Organizing and supporting social events for alumni and friends.
    6. Maintaining sufficient financial resources to support these objectives.


Please support the Alumni & Friends of Princeton University ROTC by joining, renewing your membership or making a contribution today.


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